Lemon & Lime Posset

Serves 2

Prep.: 5 mins. Cool.: 2 hrs.Super easy, cook ahead dessert. Perfect for entertaining, impressive and delicious.

Lemon & Lime Posset [Dessert]

Asparagus Soup

Asparagus Soup

Prep.: 5 mins. Cook.: 30 mins.A delicious, luxurious and refreshing spring soup. Great before any main meal, especially fish or chicken.

Asparagus Soup [Starter/Soup]

flour tortilla

Flour Tortilla

Makes 8 (small) or 6 (large) Prep.: 10 mins. Rest.: 30 mins. Cook: 1-2 mins each side (per tortilla)*A great success, and fun/super easy to make. I will never pay for shop bought again.

Flour Tortilla [Bread]



Prep.: 30 mins. Wait.: 30 mins - 24 hrs. Cook.: Varies.Recently I got fed up with dry, tasteless meat and investigated ways of keeping it moist. The result was brining, and this is as simple as it gets.

Brine [Marinade]

Tonteki Sauce Ingredients


This is a general recipe for an Asian sauce I learned while living in Japan.There are many variants along the same theme, but this is the easiest I've found, it compliments different meats well, and is very straightforward to make.

Tonteki [Sauce/Asian/Japan]

the grinder
THE GRINDER This is one of my favourite shows at the moment, because it is a very simple comedy with great chemistry, funny dialogue, and is stupid enough to let you forget every day stresses and just laugh. Or in my case laugh out loud. I watched it cautiously at […]

Grinder [Rob Lowe/Fred Savage] TV Show (2015~)

Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars - Uptown Funk (Screenshot)
UPTOWN FUNK Whenever I hear this song I start bobbing my head and saying ‘doop’ or other similar strange sounds. I try to sing along, badly, because even though I’ve heard it a million times I still don’t know the words – but that will never stop me trying! Some […]

Uptown Funk [Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars]

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror
MAN IN THE MIRROR This song really reminds me of my childhood. My best friends and I loved listening to MJ, trying to moonwalk (some of us better than others), wearing ankle-swingers, wishing for shoes with spats, leaning over too far, falling on our faces, and twitching around like idiots. […]

Man in the Mirror [Michael Jackson]

messing around


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